by Cynthia Hellman

Five Things to Know About Your First Semester in MoezArt Productions: Parent Edition

(A.K.A. What Have I Gotten my Family Into?!?)

So, you bit the bullet and enrolled your budding actor in theatre. Congratulations, strap in, keep your hands and arms inside the roller-coaster. Things are about to get a little wild. You already know how the first day might feel ( Read PULL UP A CHAIR), so let’s chat about the rest of the semester. Here are FIVE things to prepare you for a successful first semester in MoezArt Productions:

  1. Read all the email communication. I cannot stress enough how many questions are answered therein. Of course, three more questions will sprout up in its place, but I digress. MoezArt Headquarters sends out delightfully detailed emails about upcoming events, opportunities to get involved, Capital Campaign updates, etc. That’s one source for information. Additionally, your director will send weekly MoezArt Minutes, typically within a couple days following their class. Your MoezArt Minutes are your lifeline to surviving your first semester. This is where all communication for your child’s class will be available. If you need to know what they rehearsed, what they need for tech week, where spacing rehearsals are, who has bathroom cleaning duty, notes from the director, etc. Look in those MoezArt Minutes. They are a veritable gold mine of information straight from your child’s director to your inbox. If you are not receiving emails from your director, remedy this sooner rather than later. It will make for a much smoother entry into theatre. If you have a high schooler with an email account, this is a great opportunity to encourage responsibility by having them take ownership with the email communication.
  2. Read all the registration paperwork. I know. I just told you to read a bunch of emails, and now I’m telling you to read even more The paperwork you submit on the first day of class is vital not only for a successful semester, but absolutely necessary for the safety of every student and teacher. Each of those documents are carefully reviewed and edited by the Board of Directors. It clearly defines our Statement of Faith, as well as our expectations for staff and students alike in our Policies and Code of Conduct. If you have high schoolers, it may have been a while since you read to them. Snuggle up on the couch and read through these delightful documents. Bonding time AND being well-read on MoezArt Productions; it’s a bonus!
  3. Expect to be confused. At first, everything is overwhelming and absolutely nothing make sense. You are pushing through The Fog. When you come back for Round #2, you’ll realize how much you’ve learned from your first semester. Don’t hesitate to ask the questions. We know you’re in The Fog, and we want to help you successfully navigate through it. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Directors (you’re not bothering them-this is their job), MoezArt Staff (you’re also not bothering them-this is their job), and also seasoned families (unless they look harried or confused, you’re probably not bothering them-it’s not their job, but they are part of the MoezArt family and tend to want others to feel as embraced as they do).
  4. There’s more to class than just rehearsing. Were this a professional theatre company, these would strictly be rehearsals and nothing more. This is an educational theatre organization, which means your child truly is a student in a classroom setting. In reality, all of our directors are truly teachers of the art. Time is spent learning stage terms, technique, acting principles, improvisation skills, and so much more. The shows at the end of the semester are not the actual product of a successful semester in MoezArt; a well-balanced semester replete with teaching theatre, vocal training (if it’s a musical), acting skills, team building, etc. demonstrates a successful semester. The directors are in fact the product. The shows are merely one of the outcomes of a successful semester.
  5. We are spiritual mentors to your children. In addition to teaching theatre skills, the directors desire to undergird their teaching with a gospel foundation. Directors will prioritize devotions and prayer to begin class. This is one way we strive to Glorify God Through the Arts. Additionally, the directors are always on the lookout for who needs prayer, encouraging a robust spiritual life in each student, fostering a connected, God-honoring culture in their cast, and offering support to parents by reinforcing the spiritual scaffolding you each are building in your homes.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? We promise once you’re out of The Fog, you will look back at this blog post and realize you’ve come a long way. We’re cheering you on and are so thrilled you chose to hang your hat at MoezArt Productions this semester!