by Sharon Rodriguez

In theatre, there is a row of lights set at floor level at the front of the stage. These are called footlights. Footlights are used to create general illumination and to soften any harsh shadows produced by overhead lighting. Each actor and every family in MoezArt play a part in illuminating Christ and combating the heavy shadows in our communities and beyond.

Family Footlights highlights a family who is/has been involved in MoezArt Productions. We would love to share your family’s story! Please submit your story to

This Family Footlights has been adapted from the original story as written by our founders, Steve and Sharon Rodriguez. Outdated and circumstantial information has been removed, but the spirit of the story remains untouched.

Another night, another show! This time in Glendale: Linus is singing about the “Great Pumpkin” and Snoopy is writing a novel. I am sitting in the back writing the Christmas letter and marveling at how far MoezArt has come over the years. This show, “Snoopy”, is a fairly typical MoezArt performance – crazy, memorable, full of fun and kids charged with an “opening night” fervor. This show, though, has something that no show ever had before. Two truly remarkable brothers: Benjamin plays Schroeder and Mason makes his stage debut as Charlie Brown. Besides being budding actors who love theatre, Mason and Benjamin both have Cerebral Palsy. Their disabilities restrict them both in wheelchairs but that does not slow them down for one moment. Their mom, Carol Shrader, enrolled them in MoezArt because “they are both interested in theatre and I was looking for an opportunity for them to interact with their peers in a positive environment.” When she found out that both her sons had landed leads her reaction was one of shock and fear and then…when she saw their faces…she was thrilled! Carol observes that MoezArt has first and foremost elevated her sons’ self esteems, allowing them to see beyond their own disabilities.    

Carol says that her sons are already looking forward to their involvement in the spring production of “Robin Hood”. They plan to stay with MoezArt as long as they can because they love it and have become addicted to theatre. The Shraders encourage others to become involved and watch how God can use the arts to grow students in their walks with Him and their abilities in the theatre. It is our dream that MoezArt will continue to be a place where kids like Mason and Benjamin feel accepted, appreciated and even APPLAUDED.

As you well know, we are living in economically challenging times. Yet, despite financial hurdles, we at MoezArt will not turn our back on the young men and women whose lives are being touched daily by MoezArt Productions. It’s truly exciting to see all the amazing things the Lord is doing. If you are interested in partnering with us in this exciting ministry that not only proclaims the Gospel through the arts, but also equips and strengthens countless young men and women to be the best they can be for Jesus Christ, please visit our donation page. Any gift, any size helps in furthering the growth of our students through Christian theatre.

MoezArt Productions is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  All gifts are completely tax deductible, and provide a positive influence for countless families and will allow us to reach even more students with the life-changing experience of glorifying God through the arts!

In Christ’s Service,
Steve and Sharon Rodriguez