by Cynthia Hellman

Anyone who has spent any time poking around on our website or has attended a single show can probably recite our Vision. To Glorify God Through the Arts has been a pinnacle statement for MoezArt since its inception. It is oft repeated in the class room, board room, and everywhere in between.

But do you know our Mission Statement? How about our Core Values?

No? Well, we’re going to dive into those over the next several weeks. Let’s start with our Mission Statement:

We provide quality, Christ-centered arts education to the homeschool community.

There’s probably nothing earth-shattering about that if you’ve spent a little time immersed in the MoezArt culture (and I’m assuming if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably immersed in the MoezArt culture…just embrace it-you wear it well.).

Sometimes “quality” and “Christ-centered” and “homeschool” don’t all play nicely together in the same sentence, can I get an “amen?” Sometimes “homeschool” equals “low-budget.” Or we get a little more creative and call it “homespun” because that sounds more deliberately low-budget and less shoestringy.

Sometimes “homeschool” and “Christ-centered” are synonymous with “Cheesy VBS skits and outdated worship songs.”

Sometimes “quality” and “Christ-centered” are seen as mutually exclusive. If there’s too much focus on quality, then the word of God must be suffering. If something is Christ-centered, then it won’t appear trendy or relent to getting a facelift when olive green is no longer an acceptable color for pew cushions.

It seems a whole lot more probable for us, as a small christian theatre education organization, to accomplish any two of those three ideals, but not all three at the same time, right?

But for the grace of God.

For over twenty years, MoezArt Productions Inc. has continued to provide all three: Quality and Christ-centeredness within the Homeschool Community.


We are conscientious of who volunteers, what they are teaching, and how the semester progresses. Directors are trained to uphold the MoezArt standard of excellence while also upholding scripture. All of our classroom volunteers (Directors, Assistant Directors, Music Directors, Choreographers, Interns, Aids, guest speakers, etc) are held to a high standard, which is incredible since most of them start out as MoezArt moms, dads, grandparents, or students—all with willing hearts. This alone makes it all the more obvious that God is the one who gets the glory; we’d never be able to pull this off by our own might.

Additionally, our set designs, tech, costumes, etc. are truly incredible given our *ahem* homespun budget restrictions.

We are a body of average people who come together and God truly turns it into something extraordinary. To Him be the glory.


This is pretty self-explanatory. However, it still bears mentioning that we are unique among local theatre organizations and companies. It is not typical for a theatre organization to cater to the homeschool community, and by all intent and purpose, it should fail. A lot of homeschooling families (especially twenty years ago) were/are single-income, larger-than-average families who are cautious about committing to something as involved as a semester-long theatre class, complete with a strenuous tech week…not to mention the price tag (which is truly a fantastic deal, I might add). It unconditionally points to God’s sustaining hand.


In all that we do, from the board of directors, to the CEO, to the staff, to the classroom, to our community theatre, to our cast parties and beyond, the Lord is our why and He anchors all that we do. It’s so much more than prayer and a quick devotion at the beginning of class. Through the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we seek to minister to the students throughout the semester, modeling Christ-like living as we go.

We seek His guidance on who to recruit, how to handle tough decisions, and what shows we will consider (and which ones we can’t do even if we adore certain elements of the script). Our convictions are evident in how we costume and even in our decision to provide complimentary tickets for parents to see their kiddos perform.

It has been said of MoezArt shows that there is something “different” about us. We know it’s the irresistible aroma of Christ, because He is our reason. At the end of the day, our heart’s desire is to, “See Christ more clearly, love Him more dearly, and follow Him more nearly.” [1]

[1] Richard, Bishop of Chichester, 1197-1253