By Kathleen Roeth MoezArt Grandparent

Once upon a time, there were two brothers who wrote a book called Kinder-und Hausmarchen. They were linguists and folklorists. They were very “ahead of their time”. In fact, their book actually led to the birth of today’s modern folklore study. Oh, by the way, their book is commonly called “Grimm’s Fairy Tales”.

Ah, to weave such a wondrous web of a fairy story that it touches the heart! No wonder Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were so entranced by the fantastic “tales” they collected. Through these stories, they created an incredible map of the culture of imagination from around the world. Colorful and creatively painted imagery fills each page and brings to life impossible characters in unbelievable worlds – yet, in such a believable way!

What sparked them? What fueled their imaginations? What made them rescue these images and the creative stories they found? Old stories merged with other old stories, and each filled a gap in another until the collection of stories sprang to life and leaped into the hearts of children of all ages, through all the ages. These stories fill our hearts with joy today as much as they did in the years-long past.

Enjoy your adventure! Shhhhh….

Enter some tiny elves…and a poor shoemaker….What will happen now?