By Cynthia Hellman

Anyone who has spent any time poking around on our website or attended a single show can probably recite our Vision. To Glorify God Through the Arts has been a pinnacle statement of MoezArt’s since its inception. It is oft-repeated in the classroom, board room, and everywhere in between.

But do you know our Mission Statement? How about our Core Values?

No? Well, we’re going to dive into those over the next several weeks. We tackled our Mission Statement a while back. We’ve also dipped our toes into our Core Values. MoezArt has seven Core Values. These seven Core Values capture the culture and ethos of this organization.

We are a Christ-Honoring, Community-Minded, Personal, Positive, Collaborative, Quality, and Creative organization.

We are Collaborative

From board meetings to the classroom, many hands touch a MoezArt project. In fact, we are currently planning parties, gifts, staff retreats, and training days. None of these are the vision of a singular person and will bear the imprint of multiple people when it’s all said and done. While our CEO, Debra Lawrence, runs this organization with great skill, she does not attempt to do it all herself. She hands projects over to her staff and values staff input (actually, I could stop at she “values staff” because she demonstrates that heartily).

This demonstration of collaboration from the top down creates a culture of “all hands on deck.” In MoezArt, everyone has a part to play on stage and off. Ideas are welcome. Opinions are shared. Brainstorming abounds (oh, how it abounds!).

In a classroom, this looks like multiple directors remaining flexible to accommodate the cast they have. Among the directing teams, this looks like choreographers and music directors melding their ideas into one glorious product, directors and assistant directors compromising on different elements of a show, and set, sound, & light design contributing unique concepts not anticipated by the directors. Let’s not forget to mention the students-they come with a host of ideas for their character. Their perspective is folded into the craft as well!

Outside the classroom, this looks like interns settling on which skits will be in the MiniMoez Showcase, parents contributing both during the semester and during tech week, staff choosing upcoming shows to be performed, our tech crew nailing down who is teaching which shows, who is heading to the warehouse to unload after a set strike, and board members adjusting the budget for the new fiscal year.

From start to finish, MoezArt cannot operate without the ideas and efforts of many. The patchwork of collaboration provides a rich tapestry to behold; it knits ideas, people, and hearts together for one common goal: Glorify God Through the Arts. However, I would go one step further: Not only is MoezArt unable to operate without collaboration; MoezArt doesn’t want to operate without the ideas and efforts of many. We value the collaboration. We thrive on it, we wither without it. So, if you have an idea for MoezArt, just give us a holler-we’ll grab pen and paper and meet you for coffee.