​COVID-19 Policy  (Updated):

It’s been an entire year since COVID “hit the scene” here in Phoenix and in MoezArt. We are touched to see how our families have worked to respect each other’s varying opinions about the right steps to take during this pandemic. Even as the state and local governments are beginning to amend their policies, our families continue to have varying comfort levels with social events. We are aware of this. While we will be adjusting our official policy on masks and social distancing, we continue to have respect and grace for our families that are not ready for this level of interaction. 

If you are uncomfortable with our new level of mitigations, know that we plan to be here when you are ready to reengage with us. 

The big question: What about masks???

Masks will now be optional in all our classes and at our performances. 

At performances, we will have a section of seating that is socially distanced and for mask wearers only. If anyone wants to wear a mask and sit in the regular seating, you are welcome to. However, anyone who sits in the socially distant seating will be required to wear a mask. 

We will also continue to have reduced-size audiences. We will operate each house venue at 75% capacity for our spring shows.

We are continuing to take extra care to sanitize our areas (rehearsal spaces, bathrooms, house seating at performances) before rehearsals and performances. 

For our classes: we will continue to have a relaxed attendance policy to allow families to stay home if anyone in the family is sick. Please continue to take extra precautions. If you are feeling sick, or someone in your family is experiencing COVID symptoms (even if you don’t think you have it), please keep everyone home. We are so grateful that our families have respected this policy and helped us to keep our students and families healthy this past year.