MoezArt Productions

Elementary School Classes

The goals for this class are to encourage the children to GLORIFY Jesus through the gifts and talents He’s given them, to help the children find JOY in doing theatre, to PREPARE YOUNGER children to enter the MoezArt middle school program, and to have a BLAST doing it!

Mini-Moez students are ages 5-9 (students 10-18 years old are in our middle and high school classes). We’ll learn basic theatre terms, choreography, and basic sign language. We’ll learn how to tell jokes, memorize a monologue, perform a skit, act out hilarious books, and do improv. Each week we’ll pray together and encourage each other. We’ll sing, dance, play games, and perfect the skills we’re learning. The last day of class, we’ll demonstrate all we’ve learned for our family and friends!

Please check back for information regarding Mini-Moez classes in Fall 2021.

Classes are subject to change based on the number of registrations received.

Registration is now closed

Each class needs a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 12. Student teacher ratio will be at least 6:1 in each class.



Only $300 per child for the full semester. $250 per additional child in the same family.




Early Registration Discount

Students registered by July 31st for the fall and December 31st for the spring will receive an early registration discount of $50 off their tuition.

Referral Credit

When a current family refers a new family to MoezArt, they can receive a $25 referral credit. The new family should make a note on their registration with the name of the current family, and the credit will be applied to the current families’ balance. Only one credit per family will be applied. This does not apply to siblings joining for the first time, nor will multiple credits be applied if the new family registers more than one student.

Mini-Moez has been a great blessing for our family.  Our children have gained self-confidence in public speaking that has carried over to other situations, such as asking questions during field trips.  Our children are very high energy and the Mini-Moez classes help them channel that energy in a positive way.  It is very convenient that our very different kids can do the same activity at the same time and both love it.  We have always had very positive experiences with Mini-Moez and we highly recommend it. 

Mini-Moez parent

Two of our older children have participated in the Mini-Moez program under Sean Lawrence’s direction. We choose very carefully where we will spend money towards our children’s education and Mini-Moez has been money well spent! This great program has provided our children with opportunities to learn the basics of theater in a fun environment. The relationships made in class have resulted in long term friendships for our children. The highlight of each Mini-Moez semester is watching the children perform on stage! As parents, we love knowing that while our kids are at Mini-Moez they are learning, having fun with friends and spending time with a teacher whose desire is to honor the Lord!

Mini-Moez parent