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From the director

Journey to Hope came about from an insistent nudging from God. After writing three adaptations for MoezArt, I really wanted to try my hand at an original play and God wouldn’t let me consider anything but basing it on the book of Ruth. And so, in January of 2018, I began studying, writing, and praying. My prayers were for the hearts of the cast, crew, and audience to be made ready to hear the themes and message: suffering comes in all forms, love endures, God is faithful, He is at work in us in all circumstances, His plan for us is far greater than our own limited perspective.

We serve a God who loves to work in unconventional ways. He has not disappointed in 2020. He took suffering to a new level and made sure that every person who sees Journey to Hope, whether live or online, has fresh experience with suffering. From the simple inconveniences that SARS-Cov-2 has brought to daily life and being unable to have fellowship like we desire to losing a loved one unexpectedly and often without being able to say goodbye and hold their hands one more time, we can relate to Naomi’s anger, fear, and hopelessness. We can relate to Ruth’s grief and fears as she leaves behind everything to walk into the unknown.

But just like for Naomi and Ruth, God is with each one of us, faithfully and lovingly. He is providing for us, even when it doesn’t look like what we wanted. May you finish watching Journey to Hope encouraged with hope, not for a change in the circumstances, but to find your endurance for today in our Lord.

Shannon Winebrenner,  Playwright and director




Ruth – Mariah Lawrence

Naomi – Barb Napoletano

Boaz – Shannon Mauck

Foreman – Charlie Farnsworth

Charles – Sean Lawrence

Mary – Valerie Denny

Pearl – Katie Lanting

Mark – James Kimbrell (Thursday)

Mark – Grant Kilcup (Friday/Saturday)

Chris – Caleb Kramer

Owney Madden – Sean Lawrence

Henchmen #1/James – Simon Gary

Henchman #2/John – Joey Ryschon

Street Sweeper/Iowa Pastor – Randy Ryschon

NY Pastor – Scott Lawrence

Gossip Mabel – Martha Farnsworth

Gossip Edgar – Randy Pereida-Rice

Ruby – Ruby Kauffman

Peggy – Brady Lawrence 





Shannon Winebrenner



Evie Winebrenner



Caleb Kramer



Caleb Kramer

Shannon Winebrenner



Joseph Glover



Hero Frenzel

Zachary Anvik

Rebeca Anvik



Brady Lawrence



Jen Gaylor

Allison Gaylor



Denise Evans



Chloe Evans




Lured into the theater world by her daughter, Shannon Winebrenner has worn the hat of stage manager, propmaster, actor, playwright and director with MoezArt Community Theater over the past nine years. Prior experience was found in the home in her role as ‘Mom’ doing all the same parts.

MoezArt has allowed her to find a passion for writing that she plans on continuing off the stage in the future. 

Soli deo gloria. 



Mariah Lawrence is an actress from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She graduated from GCU with a BA in Theatrical Performance and joined MoezArt in 2017. Previous roles with MoezArt include Yenchna in Fools and Gertrude McFuzz in Seussical the Musical.

She is excited to be playing the role of Ruth. Mariah would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her dreams. She would also like to thank the cast for being amazing!

Mariah is excited that you are here and hopes you enjoy the show.



Barb is so excited to be in her first play! She’s been in Scottsdale Bible’s VBS dramas, and after watching her daughters perform in shows and helping with costumes for years, she took the plunge into MoezArt Community Theatre.  Last summer she was thrilled to play Eulalie Mackechnie Shinn in The Music Man.

Playing Naomi has been the most challenging and rewarding role.  Only with God’s help is she able to do it – “All praise to Him!” She’s grateful for this opportunity, and for all the help from the directors, cast, and Mattie for running lines with her over and over.  Thanks to her husband Ray for being supportive and encouraging.



Shannon is grateful to be given the opportunity to play Boaz in Journey to Hope and is impressed by all the work done by everyone to make this show happen.

Shannon has been in a number of MoezArt shows over the years and is still surprised they keep letting him come back.

Ever humbled. Enjoy the show!


The Foreman

Charlie is honored to have participate with MoezArt since April 2011, and is delighted to finally share the stage with Shannon Mauck. And Steve. And Evie. He is also overjoyed to share it with his beloved wife, Martha, and with his dear old friend Randy Pereida-Rice, as well as all his other MoezArt friends. Thank you, Shannon Winebrenner, for this opportunity!

He prays and hopes the performances encourage the audiences and viewers, and help them see and understand the overwhelming love of the ultimate Kinsman-Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Ruth 4:14               For Scott E.



Valerie Denny is honored to be a part of this show. It has been clear from the beginning that this story belongs to the Lord and it was going to be told in His way and in His time.

As recent events have unfolded, and we’ve had to change performance dates and adjust our ideas of what rehearsals and theater performances look like, God has revealed that this is exactly the time and the place and the method in which our story was meant to be told. This story is for you.

Please, open your heart and your ears for what God has to tell you today.



Born and raised here in Phoenix, Arizona, Caleb J Kramer grew up in a small log cabin. There he learned about laughter, respect and love.

His family and friends, that God has so blessed him with, are the most important things in Caleb’s life. Caleb is a writer, movie creator, actor, billionaire and a good liar… You decide what’s true or not.

His career with MoezArt has been a long and happy one with many wonderful memories, and he is honored to be part of this one of a kind show


Mark (Thursday)

James Kimbrell is thrilled to be acting in his first non-musical role!  James previously appeared with MoezArt in Oklahoma! (Will Parker), The Music Man (Marcellus Washburn), and Meet Me in St. Louis (Trolley Driver / Ensemble).

James is honored to be a part of such a wonderful group of people who lift each other up and use their gifts to glorify God through the Arts!  A big thank you to his family and friends who always encourage and challenge him to step out of his comfort zone, as well to MoezArt for welcoming him into this amazing, crazy new family!



Katie Lanting has been on stage since she was a little girl, starting with ballet and adding in choir and theater as the years went on. Her favorite past roles with MoezArt include Amalia in She Loves Me, Queenie in Honk, and Mercy in Blackbird Pond. 

She’s grateful to her supportive husband, Cooper, and sons Soren and Calvin, for letting her pursue her thespian passions, and especially grateful to God for giving her an outlet to glorify Him with the arts.

She prays this production brings you a sense of the reality of hope in Christ.


Owney Madden/Charles

Sean Lawrence is an elementary school teacher that has been in a ton of MoezArt shows and stuff. He isn’t nearly as interesting as his wife, Mariah Lawrence.

He is so proud of her hard work and leadership in this cast! He would like to welcome you to enjoy the tour de force that is her performance as Ruth, as well as the brilliant performances from every other cast member, just as he does backstage each night.

Enjoy the show!


Henchman #1/James

Simon Gary is 16 and has been with MoezArt since 2014. Journey to Hope will be Simon’s 18th show with MoezArt and he is excited to add a gangster to the long list of characters he has played over the years!

Simon hopes to one day have the opportunity to professionally preform in Newsies the Broadway Musical.

Simon would like to thank God for the many opportunities he has been given, his family for supporting him in theater, and his friends for giving him much advice and laughter.


Henchman #2/John

Joey Ryschon is 17 years old and is going into his senior year of high school. He has been with MoezArt for 3 years and already has been in 8 shows, from Simeon in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat to being in the quartet with his dad in The Music Man.

In his spare time Joey likes to play the drums, go longboarding and draw.


NY Pastor

Scott is a fan of theater and a fan of MoezArt!  He has directed over 12 middle school plays in a local public school. 

He is active in MoezArt, having directed the summer shows Annie (twice!) and Seussical the Musical and taken acting roles in Honk!, She Loves Me, and others. All four of his kids have been in MoezArt shows. He currently sits on the board of MoezArt Productions.

He’s excited to be in this show to see his daughter-in-law play Ruth!



Ruby is excited and blessed to take part in her very first MoezArt production! She’s loved going to MoezArt shows for many years, even when she didn’t have the ability to take part in the productions.

She’s always loved theater, and the story of Ruth and Naomi is a particular favorite of hers.



Brady is thrilled to be performing in MoezArt Productions’ Journey To Hope. Brady has been acting with MoezArt for 10 years.

Roles have included Meg (Ask Any Girl), Chorus (Bye Bye Birdie,) Newsie (Sherlock Homes), and Ensemble (Joseph and the Amazing Technological Dreamcoat).

Love to her family most of whom she is getting to share the stage with!


Gossip Edgar

I have appeared in many MoezArt productions over the years.  I have been seen as a country doctor, a criminal, a French nobleman, a retired British officer, a murderous psychopath, a rancher, an anvil salesman and a wise and caring father. 

It is only with the support and encouragement of my wife Dawn and our children that I have been able to take part in the adventure that is MoezArt Community Theater.

My love and thanks go to them and to the Moezartians who have encouraged and sometimes tolerated me since Father Of The Bride.


Gossip Mabel

MoezArt Productions’ 2009 The Happiest Millionaire was Martha’s first foray into acting. Since then she’s been cast as the mean old biddie or silly old lady in several MoezArt plays; with Jane Austen and Agatha Christie productions among her favorites. Serving in MoezArt’s Glendale high school classes, and occasional community theater productions, has been a blessed ministry opportunity. Martha holds the title “assistant director” or “acting coach” but, with a wink and a smile, calls herself “nitpicker.”

Ever learning, always grateful, Martha is thankful to the MoezArt community for their support, and the opportunity to glorify God through the arts.


Street Sweeper/Iowa Pastor

This past year, Randy played the roles of Jacey Squires in The Music Man and Mr. Smith in Meet Me in St. Louis.

Earlier in his life, he also played the role of The Businessman in The Maze in Budapest, Hungary; Tijuana, Mexico; and various locations in Arizona with Youth With a Mission, where the team did street ministry.


Charles (unable to perform)

Each day we all strive to be “somebody” and one day I realized there was no one wanting to be “nobody.”  So I took the job.  Little did I know at the time that “nobody” loves and “nobody” cares.  Perhaps you can imagine, then, my delight when I also realized that “nobody” is perfect! 

Col. 1:15-20 

Acts 3:18-21 

John 12:32,33 

1 Cor. 15:12-28 


Mark (Friday/Saturday)

Hello brave patron! My sincere condolences for being bored enough to read the bios. As you are here, I shall oblige.

I was an inventive little boy who managed, through the grace of God and the wisdom of his parents, to make a career of his curiosity in the form of mechanical engineering. Being homeschooled my primary source of socialization was performing shows with MoezArt from the age of ten and up.

Hope you enjoy!