Masters Class – Movement in Acting


Price: $20.00 ($1.00 processing fee)

Teacher: Zachary Anvik

In “Movement in Acting” Zachary Anvik will walk you through the stages of adding movement to a scene. His team starts with the basic blocking steps and adds levels of movement and reactions, with creative twists to illustrate the need for thoughtful movement on stage.



Teacher: Zachary Anvik and team (Rebeca Anvik and Steve Macek)

This is a great class for actors and actresses who want to learn how to create movement for their character on stage. Zachary Anvik will show you how effective you can be using several methods to add blocking and action that work with your character and the flow of the scene. In Part 2, he’ll break it down for you, give easy-to-follow blocking drills, and teach you about body shapes, object work, and how changing the location for a scene can open up new realms of creativity for your character.


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