Masters Class – Non-Verbal Acting


Price: $20.00 ($1.00 processing fee)

Teacher: Sharon Rodriguez

In this fun and illustrative class, Sharon Rodriguez and her team teach about the multiple aspects of establishing a vibrant presence on stage and creating chemistry with other characters in the scene.



Teacher: Sharon Rodriguez and team (Sean and Mariah Lawrence, Zachary and Rebeca Anvik)

This Masters Class goes in depth with the non-verbal side of acting, emphasizing how important non-verbal communication is for the actor. In Part 1, Sharon Rodriguez covers three elements of establishing your character: entering, starting the scene, and setting the stage. Each element gives the actor opportunities to non-verbally communicate with the audience. In Part 2 you will learn the factors needed to establish chemistry with others on stage. This class is important for the actor learning how to create stage presence and connections with other characters.


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